Excellent organoleptics

Everyone knows that ukrainian vodka has a pleasant light taste, smell, and aroma, which is achieved due to natural ingredients. For this purpose our technologists use aromatic alcohols and infusions of our own production. our specialists select the best mountain water collected in the relic carpathians.

Transparency and purity

Llc "r&d enterprise hetman" uses 5 stage water purification based on high-quality filters that prepare water with the help of silicon and rock crystal. Also, they are the first and only in ukraine using mineral carpathian water for the preparation of excellent vodka.

Balanced physical and chemical parameters

For the production of vodka hetman chooses winter grain alcohols that are the best in quality, cleaning, and flavoring properties. They use only high-quality spirits of the "luxe" class, which have best proved themselves in all characteristics.


Black Donato

15mls Vodka / 15mls Kahlua.

Original Donato

50mls Vodka / 15mls Aperol / 5mls Agave / 15mls Grapefruit Liquor / 20mls Fresh Lemon Juice / optional (1 egg white). Shake well with ice, then 20 second without ice.

Blue Donato

50mls Vodka / 50mls Blue Curacao / 50mls Lemonade. Pour the vodka and blue curacao into a glass half filled with ice. Fill with lemonade and serve. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Donato Flirt

20ml Vodka / 10ml Maraschino.

Donato Martini

40ml vodka, 15mls dry vermouth, 60ml Prosecco. Add a dash of vermouth, a fair splash of vodka and top up with prosecco, add a lemon rind around the rim if desire. Lemon zest sprayed, rimmed and dropped in.

Donato’s God Mother

35ml Vodka / 35ml Amaretto. Pour the Vodka and the amaretto directly into a glass filled with ice cubes, stir gently and serve.


20ml Vodka/ 10ml Frangelico. Use lemon and sugar for the after taste. Enjoy !!!

Donato Espresso

50mls Vodka / 10mls Khalua / 30mls Espresso Coffee / Sugar can syurp. Shake hard and you will create a foamy layer on top of the drink after you’ve strained it out add sugar on taste. Garnish with coffee beans.

Donato Brass

20mls Vodka / 15ml White Rum / 15mls Galliano / 120 mls Orange Juice. Pour Vodka, rum and orange juice directly into the glass filled with ice cubes, stir gently, float the galliano on the top. Garnish with orange slice and maraschino cherry.

About us

The vision for Donato Select was conceived in the year 2015. After four years of passionate research and the support of the best Master Distiller in Europe this vision became a reality when Donato Select released its first unique batch of world class Vodka for the world to experience. Today, the production of vodka is a modern technology, without which it is impossible to obtain a high-quality product. Donato Select distillery employs 6 modern technology lines of Italian production, which produce about 195,000 bottles per month. The quality of grains, water, purification and distillation process exceed all international standards.


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